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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Photo credit: Joshua Franzos
It is a popular American custom to eat Chinese take-out and end our fortune cookie parchments of wisdom with the phrase, "in bed." Hilarity ensues when a state-the-obvious fortune would normally leave us unfulfilled or rolling our eyes. This week on Mrs. Franzos blog, I've been challenged by the lovely Melody Sours of Blingaholic88 Blog, to give up thirty random, hilarious and freaky facts about myself. Yes, thirty. So to make this less tedious. I urge you dear reader, to mentally add the phrase "in leather pants" at the end of every fact I proffer.

  1. The last thing I googled was, "why do my ice cubes taste like old people ice cubes?"
  2. I used to collect Victorian post-mortem photos. Don't judge me.
  3. A donkey tied me to a tree once. He was evil donkey with a mustache. If there had been a train track, he would've tied me to that. Just kidding, he didn't have a mustache.
  4. I had my first raw oyster at age 30 and haven't stopped since.
  5. I used to be an improv comedian.
  6. I can drink a man under the table.
  7. I consider myself a feminist.
  8. I talk like a sailor.
  9. I collect books. I have one old tome from the 1600's, It's called the Book of Martyrs and it has some crazy etchings of people burning on stakes.
  10. I was born in California, but like the Johnny Cash song goes, I've been everywhere man.
    photo credit: Joshua Franzos
  11. I am writing my first novel.
  12. Karoake terrifies me. Literally. But I have one song I could do, if a life depended on it and no one will ever know it because that scenario will never happen.
  13. I have been in one fist fight. 
  14. I can appraise antiques, jewelry, fine art, furniture. I have made a lot of money on the ignorance of stand-up organizations like Goodwill and Salvation Army. I am a jerk.
  15. Oxford commas bother me.
  16. I have been gluten free for four years.
  17. Cops and security guards love me for some reason.
  18. I detest books written in the present tense, unless they're Choose Your Own Adventure.
  19. I have played Dungeons and Dragons and liked it.
  20. I made a pregnant woman cry this week. On purpose. She dared me to. Don't judge me.
    photo credit: Joshua Franzos
  21. I have a jack ass terrier. No, I didn't mean Jack Russell. I meant jack ass. He's a Jack Ass Terrier named Lando and I love him.
  22. I have actually used an algebraic equation in an office setting, twice.
  23. I am obsessed with finding white rabbits in the world. They're rare, but not so rare.
  24. The longest time I've gone without vomiting, 10 years. I hope to beat that record.
  25. I was raised by Born Again Christians that forced me to watch The Thief In The Night Series, ala A Clockwork Orange Style....when I was 9. Sort of not kidding.
  26. I learned how to play the piano out of a Liberace piano playbook. Beautiful Dreamer was my go-to song when I was 10.
  27. I have completely forgotten how to play the piano and Beautiful Dreamer.
  28. I was on 29th street during 9/11.
  29. If you like something that I own, I'm talking like, A LOT.  And you tell me this, on multiple occasions, I'll probably just give it to you. To date, I've given away one amazing grommet purse and one taxidermied albino Cobra.
  30. And lastly, I still love and don leather pants even though my tenth grade algebra teacher said, "Those leather pants you wear really turn me on" and an old boss said, "You can't wear leather pants around dirty old men like me!" Never let anyone ruin a good thing.
    photo credit: Joshua Franzos
Mr. Franzos and I traveled to Swissvale, an east end borough of Pittsburgh to try out a new ring flash. We are both pleased with it, but I didn't know that until later. I was dancing (including the sprinkler) because I love my new leather pants. Actually, here's the coolest thing about the leather pants. They're not leather. They're "Vegan Leather." They look and feel like leather and, wait for it......they're completely machine washable! I styled the Free People "quilted vegan skinnies" pretty simply because I wanted the pants to do all the talking. I paired it with an Old Navy t-shirt, Yves Saint Laurent gunmetal heels and a cheap gunmetal chain bracelet. That's it.
photo credit: Joshua Franzos

I want to take this opportunity to thank Melody for tagging me in the 30 facts challenge, read her 30 facts here. In classic chain letter fashion, I'd like to tag a couple of other bloggers that have caught my attention in my brief time in the fashion blogosphere. They are seriously great and you should check them out. Caroline of Pardon My Obsession and Carelia of My Small Wardrobe. Ladies, if you are reading you can accept the challenge or not. No pressure. Just a shout out that I enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to your outfits. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

photo credit: Joshua Franzos

What I wore: T-shirt: Old Navy, On Sale Here. Motorcycle pants: Free People, Here. Heels: Yves Saint Laurent, vintage. Similar $ and here $. Bracelet: vintage. Similar.


Your bosom friend from Pittsburgh,


  1. haha i love you. this is great and you look beautiful!

    1. Thanks Sioux! <3 I saw a photo of you for a fashion show at the airport mall opening! Hot mama. I hope Pongs is doing better.

    2. haha oh man! I had chronic bitch face really hard that day for sure. Where did you see them? Yes, Pongo is doing a lot better thank you. Now it's just the struggle of getting her to take her meds.

  2. great pants!
    would you like to follow each other on GFC? let me know! keep in touch!


  3. I so much enjoyed reading this !! You sound so cool :) And I really want to read your first novel !!
    And never stop wearing leather pants haha, I know I won't


    1. You look so great in your leather pants Caroline:)

  4. Okay, now I have to start paying attention to what I like of yours A LOT. So I can start telling you about it all of the time. Hmmm…clothes, jewelry…this could be good. :)

    1. P.S. - #24: Alaric apparently has a very good record too. I have a decent record but I don't like to talk about it for fear I will jinx it. With that said, maybe we need to start some sort of non-vomit cousins club? Norman could come up with a game or skit about it at the next Roth Cousins party...

    2. Yes! we should call ourselves, B.A.R.F - Brothers (and sisters) Against Regurgitory Fauxpauxs.

  5. Great heels dear :D


  6. Love your shoes. I hope I don't get to use an algebraic equation ever again as I am mathematically challenged. These are great insights into who you are.

    1. Hi Chineze. It took about 98% of my brain power to work through it, but I was proud of myself, as I am mathematically challenged too. LOL. Thank you for reading:)

  7. Love your pants!!


  8. love the trousers and you are a babe!



  9. Wonderful look...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  10. Laughing at the leather pants perv's comments!

    Colour Me Classic

    1. Ha! Thanks for reading:) Love your blog!

  11. Replies
    1. Hi Julia! thanks for reading. look forward to checking out your blog!

  12. Who was your tenth grade algebra teacher? Did his last name start with a K and end with an "owny"?

    As always, I enjoyed reading your blog.


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