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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

photo credit: Joshua Franzos
It's a good thing I wasn't born a guy. I'm pretty sure I would've been that shirtless, drug-addicted, lead singer that only wore leather pants and rolled around on stage in broken glass and vomit. Think Jim Morrison and Iggy Pop. Kidding.

 Sort of. 

I've always been able to visualize my life going down some pretty grim paths in connection with my creativity because that's how creatives are depicted in film and literature. thought it was inevitable. Having had bouts with depression, I've always felt a connection with historically tortured artists, writers and musicians. I saw myself in their stories, could see my potential future down their uncomfortable life paths. This is called empathy. Sure, empathy is great for telling stories and writing fiction (and being a decent human being), but sometimes the depths of my empathy makes me squirm in my seat. I mean, I can't even watch people be awful at Karaoke, I feel their embarrassment, plus my own and I just can't. After watching any rock n' roll biopic, I think, Yeah, I totally could've fallen down the heroin abyss and ruined everything for myself. Totally could've happened to me. Mr. Franzos and pretty much any close friend I voice my dark empathy concerns to, rolls their eyes at me. "Nuh uh," they say,"'re too much of a survivor." 
Okay. So they definitely have a better opinion of me than I have of myself, but they're probably right. I've had some dark moments in my life, but they've only made me appreciate this finite resource even more...far too much to ever waste it at this point.

 The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

I think we're all born with the feeling that we have some greater purpose, or have the feeling that something unknown is bubbling up inside of us to share with the world. At least, I hope everyone has that feeling. I often follow Mr. Franzos around for his photography and film-making work. My chest swells with happiness and pride that he's one of the lucky few that have made a life out of hard work and creativity. I'm glazing over the trials and tribulations of being self-employed, of course, but the grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it? I, myself, have an administrative day job (for a very fair and understanding employer). So after I punch the day job clock, I punch the creative clock as much as I can physically muster. As I mentioned in my last post, I feel the pressure of time constantly. My parents died young, you see, and if that's any predictor on when I punch out of this world, that would mean I only have 15 years or so. It seems unfair, since I just found the love of my life and my gift that I want to give away as my life's purpose.

photo credit: Joshua Franzos

But there I go, talking about death again when I really wanted to talk about the creative and rock and roll lifestyle. Minus the downward drug spirals, it's a good life and never boring. So I thought I 'd give some guide lines I've developed for myself on how to look and act the part without asphyxiating on your own vomit

1. Push your art to the limits, not your vices.
2. Party hard, but work harder.
3. It's not about you, it's about getting to do your art.
4. People seldom remember what you say, but they do remember how you made them feel.
5. Exercise your demons into submission.

6. Have friends that celebrate your triumphs and point out when you're being a twat.
7. Good-natured mischief, because it keeps you and those around you, young.
9. Road trip to connect you with the beautiful land and its people.
10. Wear tight, shiny pants.

photo credit: Joshua Franzos
photo credit: Joshua Franzos

What I wore: 
Top: Freeli. Purchased locally at Issue.
Waxed moto jeans: Habitual
Boots: Sam Edelman
Bag: Shades of Silence, here. 
Cuff: Chanel, gift.

Tell me, what are your guidelines for being a rock star in your own life?

Your bosom friend in Pittsburgh,

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  1. Meryl,I love your style,you totally look the part! The textures in this outfit are perfect together. And those pants, well you know how much I like them as I keep banging on about it each time you share them on Instagram. Niki

  2. These guidelines are going directly on my mood board! Some powerful words up there. Oh, and those tartan pants... I'm dying over here!

    hard to add to your guidelines, cause you summed up it up pretty well!

    there will be times where you have to be your own #1 fan.
    trust your gut, even when it growls.

    1. Indeed. Those are good ones. The heart and mind can fool you, but the gut knows.


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