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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It's still technically summer. It will still technically be summer until September 21st. But...I have to admit that I've finally started thinking about fall fashion. I've been trying to steer clear of trends (unless they are utterly and inexorably me), anything dry clean only, and pretty much anything I don't want to wear all the time. These few habits have cut my purchasing down considerably. When we moved into our new home last summer, I got rid of a lot of things that I'd grown away from. This and that made my closet much easier to navigate. However, less clothes overall means more wear and tear (as a long-armed writer, especially on the elbows) on the clothes I do have. So every season, there's always a healthy mixture of needs and wants and budget...and timing. What to buy? Here's some of the trends and other stuff haunting and courting my attention for one reason or another this fall.

1. The Leopard Coat.

I saw a 3/4 length leopard print coat in Seventeen magazine in the 90's. They were doing a beatnik/ French New Wave inspired shoot that left quite the impression on me. I've been looking for a leopard print coat ever since. I keep trying on faux leopard coats and they've never been quite right, so I've never committed, but still, I keep trying. I just ordered the first coat, from Express. We'll see if it works out this time!

2. The Nike Air Presto Re-Issue

These. Are. My. Favorite. Running. Shoes. Ever. Nike first came out with the air presto in 2001. They were billed as a "t-shirt for the feet" because they were sold in t-shirt sizes. XS-S-M-L-XL. The design was great. They were feather light and oh so comfortable. Then, Nike stopped making them. My first pair served me well as an Anna Sui's intern. I pounded the Manhattan pavement in them. I also ran countless miles in them.  I wore them for seven years straight. The treads were so bald, I'd worn a hole through the shoe:( I tried other running shoes and they hurt. They were so heavy, my feet felt like they were attached to cement blocks. The air prestos are so light and shock absorbing, I could cry. It was around this time that I stopped exercising:( Then I discovered that Nike re-issues the air presto from time to time. I've been haunting shoe message boards for years. Every time Nike reissues, I stock up and buy two - three pairs. I found my cardio solemate. When I mate, I mate for life. Nike re-issued in August. Talk about timing...I was down to my last pair.

 3. The Black Trench

I'm a black trench kind of gal. I feel like me when I wear them. When I try on a classic tan trench, for some reason that I can't explain, I feel like Inspector Gadget. I like tan trenches on other people though. Sometimes my body just rejects things inexplicably. Ditto on bows. I adore them on others, but can't wear 'em myself. But clothing wear and tear. I'm needing to replace a black trench this year. I ordered the first trench above from Express.

4. The Edwardian Eyelet Blouse

 Eyelet for fall? Yes. It'll be a great transition piece. I have to thank Edwardian bad girl, Vanessa Ives of the Showtime tv show, Penny Dreadful for the inspiration. I'll wear it for date night with a tight bun, a black push-up bra, a pencil skirt and some black high heels. Which brings me to my next piece.

5. Classic Black Pumps

  These are timeless and worth investing in. I recommend leather over patent leather, or vegan leather (or suede-I never buy suede shoes anymore! they're impossible to maintain) because leather is more forgiving. Scuffs and scrapes are easier to repair and buff out with shoe polish. These heels, with proper care and routine trips to the cobbler to keep the heel tips and rubber soles tip top, could last you for decades. Ironically, I've never owned the most classic of classics. I hope to change that!

6. Velvet Heels, Velvet Smoking Jacket, Velvet,Underground

The Penny Dreadful tv show is casting some serious sartorial inspiration on me this fall. Gabriella Pescucci, I have my eye on your costume design work! The character Dorian Gray has a good look going. Velvet smoking jackets and tight pants. I dig it. I've also always dug velvet. So rock royalty. I hope to add a couple of velvet pieces to my wardrobe, but I think this classifies more as a want than a need. But't all the velvet pieces this fall so very lovely?

7. The Moto Jean

  I'm not above haunting men's shops in order to find the cool pants with the cool stuff at the knees. Fortunately, this look is finally starting to creep into women's wear. 

8.  Souped Up Chelsea Ankle Boot

  Can you say, FUN? I love all the fun options for ankle boots this fall. And with such great boot details, you'll want to make sure and show them off. Which brings me to...

9. The Oh-So-Impossible-To-Find-Beatles-Pant

I wish I could point you in the right direction and show you the pair of pants to get, but the truth is, I'm always on the look out for this pant. Hip hugging, stretchy, lean fit, slant pockets on the outer seam, slight, very very slight boot cut (just enough to fit over your ankle boots), and hits just below the ankle, so you can show your fancified boots off. If you can find a pair of black, lean pants that fits your waist, hips, thighs  and calves, you've won 3/4 the battle. You can get the length tailored to perfection. I prefer the above the ankle, capri length for flat boots and the slightly below the ankle length for boots with a stacked heel.

10.  The Fitted Waistcoat

The fitted vest is a great way to add interest to a tired dress or tie together a skirt and a button down shirt. I'm always on the look out for the perfect ivory cutaway vest, one that looks like it goes under a tuxedo jacket. It's a hunt that almost goes back to the leopard coat days, but not quite. I'll keep hunting online and in vintage stores.

What's caught your eye this fall? Tell me, what do you need? (and what do you want?) How do you balance the two?

Your Bosom Friend in Pittsburgh,


  1. Meryl, I am LOVING your picks for fall! That velvet jacket and those Balenciaga boots are fabulous! I'm a huge fan of pointy shoes - partly because I have stupidly narrow feet and they tend to fit me well, but mainly because they're damn sexy!

    1. Aww, thanks Niki. I'm not surprised though, it seems we're often on the same fashion wavelength:)


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