The Lazy Person's Guide to the Perfect Holiday Party Outfit

Monday, December 12, 2016

red turtleneck, holiday party outfit
photo: Kathryn Stabile

You like to party. You do. It's just that...well. It's dark out and the lack of sun is messing with your circadian rhythms. There's also the fact that when it's cold out, you like to hibernate in your warm home. bundled up in your coziest jammies and robe. with your dog. and look at your beautiful tree. with your dog. and your husband. and a blanket. and netflix. Sometimes an 8pm party sounds like it might as well just be in the middle of the night. But you gotta show your holiday cheer or at the very, very least, show up rubbing your eyes, for your friends and loved ones, because you well, love them.

Well, as a resident winter slacker, I feel you and I'm here for you. Today I'm showing you how to look like you're a Christmas party pro with minimal effort. I'll let you in on a secret. There's one wardrobe staple that really packs a punch. These people know what I'm talking about. 

photo: awkward family photos

 The red turtleneck. It's like a holiday party in a box. In fact, if you can get the rest of your clan in on in the fun, it's where serious Holiday memories are concreted. into history. 

kathryn stabile, meryl franzos, red turtleneck, christmas outfit
photo: Kathryn Stabile

A few weeks ago, I was invited to pre-shop a real treasure for Pittsburgh, a designer goods consigment pop-up shop called, Rue de Archives. Having access to gently used designer goods in Pittsburgh is kind of rare, usually one has to really dig for this kind of stuff (and beat out the other bargain hunters). FYI, everything at Rue des Archives is 25%-30% off their already discounted prices this week! I loved Rue des Archive's curated collection of Hermes, Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Givenchy, etc, not even mentioning the tables piled full of cashmere sweaters...okay I'll mention it. It was there on the cashmere table that I found my quarry. Soft as the fur on a cat's belly, I knew that I'd found the most luxurious holiday party in a bag available. So yes, I scooped up my gently used White + Warren red cashmere turtleneck and went back home knowing I was set for the holiday season. Even though I purchased this sweater used, fashion is constantly recycling and renewing itself. Case in point? How on trend are these long sleeves this season? (They are).

red envelope clutch, ostrich leather, Kathryn Stabile, Meryl Franzos
photo: Kathryn Stabile

romy 100, Kathryn Stabile, Meryl Franzos, Jimmy Choo black heels
photo: Kathryn Stabile

red turtleneck, classy holiday outfit, Kathryn Stabile, Meryl Franzos
photo: Kathryn Stabile

So, you could wear a red turtleneck with high-waisted, wide-wale courduroys and a western belt. But I'd recommend you don't. Wear it with heels and a full black skirt and the top half of you will feel like you're still at home. by the tree. with your dog. watching netflix. The bottom half of you will look like you actually tried. And one last tip for the super Seasonally Affected, word to wise, it's a full skirt, so in all honesty, you might even be able to roll your pajama bottoms up and out of sight. I may or may not have done that.

red cashmere turtleneck, Kathryn Stabile, Meryl Franzos, Christmas outfit
photo: Meryl Franzos

Kathryn Stabile, Meryl Franzos, red turtleneck
photo: Kathryn Stabile

What I Wore
Sweater: White & Warren, purchased at Rue des Archives
Skirt: European Culture (Machine Washable!!!) purchased at Dina Ellen in Shadyside.
Clutch: vintage Furla, purchased at an estate sale for $1.
Heels: Romy 100 by Jimmy Choo.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays 
from Your Bosom Friend in Pittsburgh, 


  1. I truly love this look! You did so good finding a great sweater like that.

  2. Such a great post,it describes me to a T, I'm such a hibernater in the winter. This outfit is the perfect mix of comfort, warmth and party I'm going to see what I have and attempt to recreate it x

    1. I know you can do it or something equally good, if not better!

  3. Fun shoot!

  4. Love this post so much Meryl! It's sooo hard for me to get motivated to go out this time of year - but you made it look effortless and cozy!


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