Put a Black Turtleneck Under It

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

black turtleneck, kathryn stabile, meryl franzos
Photo credit: Kathryn Stabile Photography

Black turtlenecks and black tights are the answer to everything. It’s like modern day witchcraft. Got a flat tire? Put a black turtleneck under it. Can’t find the right word you're looking for? Put a black turtleneck under it and hold an William S. Burroughs seance. Got a wart? Rub a black turtleneck under it and bury it under the light of a full moon. Can’t believe it’s not butter? Put a black turtleneck under it and you’ll realize you’re lying to yourself. ONLY BUTTER TASTES LIKE BUTTER.
photo credit: Kathryn Stabile

OKAY. So maybe it’s not the answer to everything, but at least it’s the answer to layering and keeping warm in the winter and extending your summer wardrobe year round. Which is what I did. I wore this summery dress early on in my blogging career. See it here? With my glamorous and myopic hat? While I was in the sunny North Hamptons? 

photo credit: Joshua Franzos

Now I’m in my dining room because it’s freezing outside. I’m pale and I’m looking at medical drawing books and thinking about editing because that is what I do when it’s
 -9 - 39 degrees. 

black turtleneck, meryl franzos, kathryn stabile
photo credit: Kathryn Stabile
"Boy, this blog post sure isn’t written like Meryl’s typical, long-winded blog posts," says the judgey person normally in Jim Gaffigan’s audience.

Look. You. 

I’ve got to cut 60,000 words from my novel. It has been almost a month of editing and I’ve cut almost 6,000 words.* maniacal laughter* JUST 54,000 more words to go.  I'm not really writing these days, so much as I'm unwriting.Unwriting something that took almost 4 years to write.* maniacal laughter becomes crying* 

modern beatnik
photo credit: Kathryn Stabile

Okay. So by now, you should know the drill. What do you do when you’re cracking up, the 240-year old democracy experiment is falling apart, you have a call-back audition to something that's kind of a huge deal but you have cold sore forming on your upper lip, and you're trying to pretend like everything is copacetic and still look polished? So polished and posh you wear your jewelry on top of your clothing like a cultured old lady that used to roll with Keroac and Ginsberg and now lives in a Manhattan brownstone?

You put a black turtleneck under it, hit publish on the blog post, and call it a day.

photo credit: Kathryn Stabile

What I Wore:

Dress: past season, RACHEL Rachel Roy
Turtleneck: past season, GAP
Black opaque tights: T.J. Maxx 
Riding boots: vintage score from eBay.
Clutch: vintage.
Jewelry: vintage.
photography by Kathryn Stabile Photography (except where indicated)

 Your Bosom Friend in Pittsburgh,

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  1. I'm not sure what I love most... that snapshot of you by the water, or the way you've styled it for winter. It's all brilliant. You look beautiful, per usual.


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