So You're Getting a Puppy

Monday, March 13, 2017

So you're getting a puppy. Congratulations and deepest sympathies, your life and lifestyle will never be the same. But if you've made this big decision thoughtfully and deliberately your life will also have even more joy than you ever imagined.

When Josh married me, he also adopted Lando, my rescued Jack Russell Terrier/ Toy Fox Terrier mix too. While we absolutely condone adopting dogs from shelters, sometimes and through much experience, you may just find that you and your lifestyle really gel with a certain breed. We found that with Lando.

Jack Russell Terriers are equal parts intense, sprint energy dogs and lazy couch potatoes. (they have energy sure, but it's super easy to burn it off by getting them to sprint circles around the living room. In fact, when the whole family gets in on the living room interval training, they might even love it more than a long walk. They're VERY family centric). Jacks are sharp as a tacks, athletic, and hilarious big dogs in a little bodies. Unlike other dogs that have broken our hearts, we've found that Jacks want to be with us as much as we want to be with them. They always come when called and are basically little shadows. For example, when we go to dog parks where we can take him off his leash and let him run and play with other dogs, Lando just sits down and stares at us. When I take a shower, he waits outside by the door. He's also my number one, weekend sleep-in buddy, and my number two writing cheerleader (he snoozes on my lap while I write), and he is always super eager to learn whatever we want to teach him. In short, Lando the Jack Russell really stole our hearts.

So we're getting another one.

And in preparation for this blessed event, we've been training Lando so he doesn't teach the new puppy some of his bad habits-i.e. picking fights with the biggest 230lb dog on the block. I'm also cleaning and puppy streamlining the house, essentially, I'm in heavy "nesting mode." Do you doubt the heaviness of my nesting?? Let's just say it's so heavy, that we now have new sheets, weekender bags, and dinner plates that actually match. I mean, what would the puppy think if he saw that we didn't have matching dinner plates? 

The puppy doesn't care. 

Orrr....DOES he?

 (he doesn't).

Josh is totally rolling with my nesting insanity like a champ. But I don't think he fully remembers. 



I adopted Lando as an itty bitty puppy (in a different relationship) and I'm still a little shell-shocked from puppyhood 8 1/2 years later. Puppies are cute for a reason: so you don't murder them. They're destructive little shits that test every ounce of your patience
So. it. is. good. to. be. as. prepared. as. possible. 
Get all that stuff you've been meaning to do, done (match those plates, tile that backsplash, take that one last vacation, buy the puppy stuff before the puppy comes), 
game over man.  


Your life is going to revolve around house training and obedience training for a LOOONG time. There will be poops. There will be pees. There will be damage to things that you love and cost a lot of money if you don't prepare.

So for the preparation, you're going to need stuff to protect your pup and your home.
You're going to make it rain cash money.  


To help with that, I HIGHLY recommend spending $19.99 on the PetSmart Puppy Guide. 
(This is NOT a sponsored post by the way). This PetSmart puppy guide is full of savings and coupons for stuff you will need. up to $250 in savings on collars, food, food dishes, leashes, crates, treats, toys, gates, play pens, obedience classes, microchipping etc. But, it also entitles your puppy to that initial health and wellness vet exam for FREE (that's usually more than than double $19.99 right there). Your new puppy will also get a free bath. Look, I'm terrible, just terrible with coupons (I don't do 'em) but this coupon and savings book is absolutely worth it and I'm so glad I got it because here's what I needed to buy

My New Puppy Shopping List
  • quick release collar (Hipster puppy gets a buffalo plaid fabric collar by Elmo's Closet)
  • 6' leash
  • foldable crate with plastic tray
  • puppy play pen fence
  • Snuggle Puppy to ease those first nights away from Mom and litter mates
  • teething toys
  • balls (Jacks love balls)
  • 2 training clickers
  • 51 Tricks Puppy Book by Kyra Sundance 
  •  multiple fleece crate mats that can go in the washer
  •  dog poo bags
  • dog poo bag dispenser
  • small, training treats
  • dorky treat training bag with pocket holster
  • water and food dishes
  • puppy shampoo
  • puppy training pads
  • puppy gate
  • stain & odor remover spray
  • paper towels
  • puppy nail clippers
  • puppy toothbrush and toothpaste
  • puppy quick wipes  
  • NEW TOYS FOR LANDO  (don't forget your first dog!)    

So yeah. We're walking into this pet project with our eyes wide open and we're becoming a two dog family. It's going to be hairy for a bit, but it's also going to be really great. I can't wait to introduce you to our newest family member.

                                              Your Bosom Friend in Pittsburgh,

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  1. Aww, congrats guys! Al and I would love to get a pup, too, but we don't know where we're going to be for the next few years :(

    I love how you say puppies are cute so you don't murder them, that proper cracked me up! xx


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